Finningley Church

church-2We are the FAB parishes – made up of three villages: Finningley, Auckley and Blaxton, and two churches: Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s, in Finningley and St Saviour’s in Auckley.

The church welcomes all ages and stages to faith, whether you’ve never been in a church before to you’ve just moved into the area and are looking for a new church. We pride ourselves in an inclusive family approach to worship. Children are made extremely welcome and encouraged to be a part of the services, in fact our church has been awarded Child Friendly Church Award from Mike North, the Diocesean Children and Youth Advisor.

Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Church is a superb example of a traditional English church. Norman in origin at the back of the nave there is a Norman arch leading to the oldest part of the church, the Tower which was built between 1080 – 1090. It’s located in the heart of Finningley Village, with a rich history reaching back to before the 1100’s its well worth a visit.

The church yard has been managed as a conservation are since 1994 and has won many awards, its  carefully managed sanctuary for wildlife and the different varieties of plants that it attracts. There are headstones dating back to the 1700s but most are from the 19th and 1st half of the 20th Century.

The Church offers a number of ways to, if you want see the latest Church notices or view up and coming events then visit or our Facebook or our Twitter pages to find out more.


1st Sunday
9.15am – Family Communion with all ages helping prayers
12.30pm baptisms by arrangement

2nd Sunday
8.00am – Traditional Said Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer
9.15am – Holy Communion from Common Worship with Sunday Club

3rd Sunday
9.15am – Holy Communion from Common Worship with Sunday Club

4th Sunday
9.15am – Holy Communion from Common Worship with Sunday Club

5th Sunday
9.15am – Usually Iona Celtic style Communion

Revd. Neil Redeyoff – Rector

Hannah Redeyoff – Youth & Family Worker

Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Church
Rectory Lane
South Yorkshire