The Finningley Spirit of Christmas


Spirit of Christmas 2016

It was great to see everyone who braved the cold weather this year to see our lights switch on. We can’t put this event on without the amazing help of lots of volunteers, it simply not possible, so here is our thanks and a name checks to the some of the people who helped:

Thank you to Christine & the volunteers from our Community Group for putting the event on, organising the planning, making the brews and cleaning up afterwards – Oh and the mulled wine tent too!

Big thanks to the Church and its members for planning Carols, the use of their Vicar, writing to Santa and the use of Mark’s Gazebo on the Green. To the School for organising over 50 children and parents all out in fine voice! Much appreciation to the WI, for the delicious mince pies & treats which were amazing.  and to Parish Council for the use of the Green and preparing the tree lights in advance

And a big thank you to Roy Hattersley for accepting our invitation to light up the tree. Roy has done and still does some amazing things for the village and we all appreciate it.

Spirit of Christmas 2017:- Pencil the 4th December in your diaries for the next switch on!